5 Advantages to Owning a Green Home

green homeIt’s not always easy being green—especially when it comes to building a green home.

There are a ton of details that go into the building process, and keeping a keen eye on quality, durability, and sustainability is necessary to even consider applying for LEED certification

Once the initial build is complete, however, it’s then quite easy for the home owners to enjoy being green. Here are just a few of the advantages to owning a green home.

Lower operating costs

One of the most important aspects of a green home is its energy efficiency. The structure itself is built to keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is done through overhangs, high-quality insulation and sealing, low energy e-glass windows, insulated foundation, keeping trees on the property, and more.

Insulation Overhang

A green home is also equipped with energy efficient appliances, A/C systems, and low flow water fixtures. Overall, these features help lower utility costs for the owners over time.

Energy Guide Sticker

Reduced maintenance issues

Green homes are often xeriscaped—a type of environmentally friendly landscaping that requires little-to-no irrigation. In addition, it utilizes an irrigation system that is smart and reduces the need for watering when rainfall is detected.

The yard could consist of drought resistant plants and vegetation or have areas that are composed of turf. Sod is among the worst ground cove to use as it requires a large amount of watering. Many green homes that choose to use sod also provide systems that store and use rain water to maintain the lawn. A good alternative is synthetic sod that requires no irrigation at all.

green home

Increased property value

Because of the incredible attention to detail and the overall durability of a green home, an increase in the property’s value is a natural byproduct. When you build with quality, you get your money’s worth.


Increased durability and longevity

A green home is one that is built to last. From the durable roof coating to the vinyl/cement siding, the materials used to construct the home are meant to need little replacement over time. The 4045 Bonita project does NOT have any exterior paint and homeowners will never need to paint the exterior.

green home

Helping the environment

Of course, a green home helps the environment in many ways. It works with the natural environment and community, uses recycled and non-toxic materials (low VOC paint, plywood instead of particle board, etc.), and has a low carbon footprint.

During the construction process for the Bonita project, less than one trash container was used. Most items are prefabricated in a factory and brought to the site at the exact size and specification needed to quickly assemble in place. Comparably sized projects will use 7 to 10 containers which add greatly to our landfills. This also greatly reduces build time. The 4045 Bonita project took less than 6 months to substantially complete.

green home

Steel framing contains a minimum of 28% recycled steel and is completely recyclable. Using recycled steel takes the pressure off of using renewable resources. For example, a typical 2,000 SF home requires about 40 to 50 trees, about an acre’s worth. With steel, only the equivalent of about six scrapped automobiles are needed.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the above green home benefits, let’s talk. We can get you situated in one of our Grove Properties LEED-certified projects today.