ARC+ Grove Properties 4045 Bonita Ave LEED Project Update



The importance of LEED certification and preserving the Grove

“Unfortunately, there are many builders out there who are trying to pass final inspection by minimally meeting the local building codes. They have no interest in building a green structure to reduce waste or increase the efficiency of the home.

Building practices that comply with LEED standards, however, go above and beyond the current city and county building codes—and are verified by a third party. This is why all new Oxford Homes are LEED certified and, as such, are held to the highest standards of sustainability. All of our new construction homes must meet certain LEED requirements and pass a rigorous testing process in order to become certified.

We’ve partnered with green building and environmental consulting firm RunBrook to ensure the homes we build in Coconut Grove are high quality and energy efficient with a low environmental impact and carbon footprint. Our goal is to create homes that are a natural part of the Grove.”

Marcelo Fernandes – Grove Properties

“Personally, I am a huge proponent of trying to implement sustainability in every aspect of our lives. Our current daily practices are killing Mother Earth with a slow and gradual death. The only thing we can do as individuals is to think globally and act locally. ARC+ is one of these great local efforts that will hopefully make a much bigger impact in the future.”