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Joshua’s Heart Foundation and the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education focus their efforts on childhood nutrition and education – two essential things every child needs in order to reach their full potential.

Our GP Cares program donates a minimum of $300 from each closing to support these outstanding local organizations. Our agents and staff also donate volunteer hours to assist these valuable causes.

“Through my personal experience of working with foster children and eventually adopting my foster son, Deshay, I realized the huge obstacles a child faces when deprived of early childhood nutrition and education. It is impossible for a child to thrive and compete with peers when lacking these basic needs.” – Marcelo Fernandes

About Joshua’s Heart Foundation

Joshua’s Heart Foundation was born out of a five year-old’s simple wish to feed the hungry. Since then, the Foundation has distributed over 400,000 pounds of food to those in need. With one in six Americans facing hunger today, there’s still plenty of work to be done. By getting involved in Joshua’s Heart Foundation, you play a vital role in fulfilling our mission.

Volunteers Distribute Groceries to Over 300 Families in Coconut Grove

About Breakthrough Miami

Breakthrough Miami is an eight-year, tuition-free academic enrichment program that provides motivated middle-school students from under-served communities with the tools they need to achieve their most ambitious goals in life. Our students-teaching-students internship engages outstanding older students as teachers, mentors and role models, so that our scholars enter and thrive in college-prep high schools and enroll in college.

About Miami Waterkeeper

Miami Waterkeeper protects South Florida’s water through citizen engagement and community action, ensuring swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all. We highlight the importance of water to our local ecology, culture, and economy. MWK uses education, community outreach, and legal advocacy to achieve ecosystem protection, clean water, and climate change readiness. Through our work, we hope to ensure a clean and vibrant South Florida watershed and coastal culture for generations to come. Our goals are (1) swimmable, drinkable, fishable water, (2) protected marine ecosystem and habitats, and (3) sea level rise resiliency. Launched in 2011, Miami Waterkeeper is the only advocacy organization dedicated solely to protecting the Biscayne Bay watershed. We are a leading advocate for clean water in South Florida and a powerful voice for marine conservation and sustainable development. We empower people to take an active role in our community’s environmental decision-making. Our work is effective because we employ a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary, science-based approach to protecting marine ecosystems.

About ARC+

GP Cares is proud to be a founding sponsor of the Architectural Research Collaborative or ARC+. ARC+ is a non-profit organization that harnesses the creative powers of Architecture and the Arts to drive innovative solutions in support of sustainable-city initiatives and eco-friendly urban planning solutions. Our mission is to create educational, artistic, and entrepreneurial collaborations for sustainable living.

About ARC+ Buildgreen

ARC+ Buildgreen is a program for collaboration with community stakeholders on green building initiatives and sustainable Architecture. It provides tuition assistance, enriched educational opportunities and onsite experience for students by facilitating direct interaction with architectural firms, real estate developers and construction companies. Students will gain valuable experience by incorporating sustainable solutions into real world settings.

As part of the ARC+ Buildgreen program, Grove Properties is hosting a series site visits to the 4045 Bonita project for a discussion about the LEED process and the design challenges taking place:

  • Building orientation for solar design – Bonita is oriented to take advantage of south-facing roof areas for future solar installation and south-facing windows that will be shaded in the summer (thereby reducing the amount of air conditioning needed).
  • Infill development and previously developed land – The home is located in an existing and well-established community that’s bordered by homes on all sides. Since this home is being built on previously developed land, it won’t contribute to urban sprawl, doesn’t put a new drain on natural resources, and uses existing utility connections.
  • Extensive community resources and transit and access to open space – Also due to the home’s location in a well-established neighborhood, the project has achieved points for being located within a quarter mile of at least seven basic community resources such as shopping centers, places of worship, and public transit. The home is also within half mile of public access to open park space. This aspect of the home’s location enhances community walkability (lessening the need for vehicle use), which contributes to greenhouse gas reductions and health benefits.

About United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education

Our vision is that all children will have access to the highest quality early care and education, so they can have the best possible start in school and in life. The Center’s mission is to elevate the quality of early care and education in Miami-Dade and beyond. This mission is supported by three guiding principles: educate, demonstrate, advocate.

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