About Green Building Initiatives

Green design is not merely the use of energy-efficient materials. It also involves the creation of products and systems that leave a light footprint on the environment over the full life-cycle—from production to transportation, installation, use and renewal. As such, sustainable green design should be thought of as a process, not just a goal—allowing for a broader evaluation of the environmental, economical and societal impacts of a product, as single units and as part of their environment. When considering environmental issues in construction and life cycle, some focus on an evaluation of manufactured products in terms of waste disposal. Instead, a host of factors and influences of a product’s impact on society should be evaluated and contrasted to the product’s performance. A systems approach allows for a determination of the environmental impact of a product in terms of energy consumption at each stage of a product’s life cycle, beginning at the point of raw materials extraction from the earth and proceeding through processing,manufacturing, fabrication, end-use and disposal.


Grove Properties/Oxford Design & Build is now a proud founding sponsor of the Architectural Research Collaborative or ARC+, a non-profit organization that harnesses the creative powers of architecture and the arts to drive innovative solutions in support of sustainable-city initiatives and eco-friendly urban planning solutions.

As a builder and developer I have the ability to make a small dent in this effort with the products I produce. I have committed to making ALL my new projects LEED certified. Even as a builder with over 30 years of experience, it is still extremely difficult, and more expensive, to build green. There are very few architects, vendors and manufacturers that are committed to being green thus requiring much more effort and time investment to make it happen. ARC+’s purpose is to bring awareness to the next generation of architects and design professionals. Exposing architecture students to these real world conditions will hopefully empower them to commit to building better sustainable projects in the future.

– Marcelo Fernandes

Green Building Partners

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At RunBrook, we approach every project from a multidisciplinary perspective. Our team of environmental scientists and engineers work alongside professionals with expertise in building science, energy modeling, corporate sustainability, energy tax strategy, marketing and branding, and information technology.

Using our unique perspective, we are able to deploy a toolkit of solutions that deliver exceptional bottom line performance in places where you least expect it. Download our capability statement to get an overview of our company and see how RunBrook can help you leverage environmental science and sustainability to enhance your bottom line.

E3-Technologies - Grove Properties

E3 Technologies Will Be Your Partner From Start To Finish, Providing Your Company With All Of The Necessary Knowledge And Information Needed To Select The Ideal System For You. The End Result Is An Efficient Energy System That Provides Additional Benefits For You Or Your Business Now…And For The Future. All Of This And More Is Possible Through The Power And Utilization Of Modern Energy Services.

With More Than 100 Years Of Collective Experience In The Energy Service Industry, Our Team Of Architects, Engineers, Designers, Project Managers, Technicians And Financial Experts Seamlessly Orchestrate The Entire Process For You. With A Range Of Services Including Solar, Solar Shade Structures, Shading And Lighting Control, Energy Management, Thermal Barrier, Industry-Specific Financial Programs And Additional Energy-Saving Services, E3 Technologies) Provides The Most Value And Savings To Our Clients By The Taking Extra Time, Expense And Guesswork Out Of The Energy Management Process.

PowerStar - Grove Properties

Powerstar Virtue Is An Energy Storage System Which Harnesses The Induced Negative Power (Back EMF) From The Powerstar Voltage Optimisation Technology To Charge A Storage Medium. Users Can Switch To The Stored Supply At Any Time To Reduce Costs And Ensure They Will Always Have Optimal Power.

Powerstar Voltage Optimisation Systems Are Unique, Patented Energy Saving Solutions That Match The Incoming Electricity Supply To The Needs Of Onsite Equipment And Returns Any Excess Energy Back To The Grid By Generating Real Negative Power. Powerstar Provides Savings On Electricity Bills, Reduces Electricity Consumption And Cuts Carbon Emissions For Businesses.

OIKOS - Grove Properties

In Our Multidisciplinary Laboratories, Technicians, Designers, Historians And Chemists Work Together To Offer Our Customers One-Of-A-Kind Products, Starting From The Choice Of Raw Materials Right Up To Environmental Impact Studies.  In Our In-House Production Facilities, All Processes, Designed According To Energy Saving Criteria, Are Constantly Monitored To Ensure The Highest Quality Standards.

Finally, Shipment, Storage And Tracking Are Managed By A Computerized System That Safeguards The Health And Safety Of Workers And Ensures Rapid And Precise Answers To Customers. Producing Is Not Enough For Us. We Want To Do It Safely, Rationally, Optimizing Time And Processes: This Too Is Sustainability.

EcoMadera - Grove Properties

EcoMadera Forest Conservation Is A Sustainable Forestry And Wood Products Company That Operates In Ecuador’s Coastal Rainforests, One Of The Most Threatened Forest Regions In South America.  We Help Forest Communities Place Their Forests Under Long-Term Conservation Management While Building A Sustainable Economy Based On Responsible Forest Management And The Production Of Green Wood Products.

Our Part Of The Solution:
Government Led Initiatives, Particularly Those With International Coalitions, Are Slow Going. After Years Of Policy Analysis And Summits, Carbon Payments For Tropical Forest Conservation Are Still Few And Far Between. EcoMadera Wants To Bypass Regulation And Sell Carbon Credits Directly To You, The Consumer. For Every Product You Buy We’ll Calculate The Amount Of Carbon That You Personally Sequestered By Rescuing A Piece Of Forest In The Canande Watershed From Deforestation.