What Will the Coconut Grove Look Like in 2030? Here’s Your Peek into Our Possible Future

grove 2030

Imagine a neighborhood that features lush, natural beauty, an authentic character, and is populated by diverse and engaged citizens. This is the future we are striving to achieve for our precious Coconut Grove community, and it’s

one that the Grove 2030 initiative is working towards as well.

What is Grove 2030?

Grove 2030 is a citizen-led initiative that has a plan for how we can live in harmony with our environment while still enjoying the community we call home. Here are just a few of the goals this initiative is hoping to achieve over the next 13 years:

  • Making the Grove a recognized leader in innovation, sustainable development, and green housing initiatives.
  • A 10% increase in attainable housing stock.
  • A 70% owner occupancy rate in all homes and condos.
  • A bike path/walkway that will safely connect to residents to all parks and public centers within the Grove.
  • A 40% decrease in automobile traffic.
  • Streets that are more pedestrian and cyclist friendly.
  • Ensuring every resident will live within walking distance of a park or green space.
  • A 25% increase in the Grove’s canopy.
  • A proactive response plan to protect the Grove from climate change threats.
  • A village center that will be economically sustainable.
  • A “Special District” that will coordinate the Grove’s commercial/retail district’s policies and operations.
  • A business sector that will be a statewide leader in sustainability practices.
  • Any structure older than 50 will need approval from an independent historical review board before removal or significant alterations.
  • A governing of our own municipal affairs.
  • Recognition as one of the preeminent arts and cultural districts in Miami-Dade County.

grove 2030

Our founder, Marcelo Fernandes, is in full support of the Grove 2030 vision and wants to work towards this future as a part of the village council.

“In order to achieve most of the goals established by Grove 2030, many changes to the current zoning and building codes will need to be implemented and enforced. Based on my experience and knowledge of the code and the workings of the City of Miami building and zoning departments, I decided to run for Village Council. As a council member, I truly believe I can be a pivotal asset for Grove 2030 to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.” – Marcelo Fernandes

If this is the future you would like to see for our Coconut Grove Village, then show your support by voting for Marcelo Fernandes on ballot #106 this November 7. Together, we can create a better, more sustainable future for the paradise we call home.

For more information about Grove 2030, visit their website: grove2030.org.

Images in this post are courtesy of Grove 2030