This LEED-Certified Home Withstood Hurricane Irma, Here’s Why

We’re a little more than midway through hurricane season and it’s proven to be a disastrous one so far. The record-breaking Hurricane Irma left a trail of devastation and destruction in its wake and Florida is continuing to put the pieces back together.

The Coconut Grove area, in particular, took a pummeling from Irma. Storm surges flooded in from Biscayne Bay and wind gusts were measured up to 109 mph in the Miami-Dade area. This time-lapse video illustrates it better than we can:

Against the winds and floods, one home stood out as a pillar of strength. Our latest LEED-certified home build, 4045 Bonita, faced the tree-bending winds and rising flood waters without breaking a sweat.

In fact, we were so confident on the quality of this home that we sheltered neighbors and friends during the height of the storm. We knew the strength of the high-quality construction would hold up beautifully against the power of Irma. The morning after the storm, we all emerged, well-rested and relaxed and 4045 Bonita looked as perfect as the day it was finished.

So, how did Our Oxford Build home withstand Irma?

4045 Bonita and 510 Tivoli Ave are  Silver Level LEED-Certified homes, which means it’s a high-quality, sustainable, and energy-efficient structure. We went above and beyond the basic building codes to construct homes that are both eco-friendly and made to last.

The combination of concrete, steel, and insulation made it so these homes were not only capable of withstanding the winds and rains of Irma, but also easily kept the chaos of the storm away from the serenity and peaceful atmosphere inside.

Both of these homes are available for immediate occupancy, contact us today for more information!