Marcelo Fernandes Is Running for Member of Coconut Grove Village Council

We’re thrilled to announce that our owner and founder, Marcelo Fernandes, will be running for a seat on the local Coconut Grove Village Council this November on ballot #106. Fernandes has spent a lifetime in the Coconut Grove neighborhood and is looking forward to giving back to the community through public service.

coconut grove village“As a member of the Coconut Grove Village Council, I want to continue to support all of the Grove 2030’s initiatives,” Fernandes explained. “Let’s bring affordability to housing in the Grove in terms of both homeownership and rentals, while encouraging and nurturing business growth in order to support residents and local businesses.”

In addition to housing and business growth, Fernandes is an advocate for changes to the NCD (Neighborhood Conservation District) regulations and sustainable new developments. “I do believe the NCD needs to be updated to preserve the village of Coconut Grove. One of the main reasons we’re facing today’s problems is due to a historic lack of enforcement of existing rules and regulations. This needs to change.”

Another initiative for Fernandes will be to encourage youth programs by using more resources available in the Grove by creating partnerships with local schools, organizations, businesses, and clubs.

As a long-standing community resident, Fernandes is passionate about giving back to the community while actively pursuing changes to preservation efforts through smart development. This is one of the many reasons why he created the GP Cares program at Grove Properties, where we donate a minimum of $300 to local charities at each closing.

Fernandes also co-founded ARC+, non-profit architectural resource collaborative with the FIU School of Architecture to educate and encourage students on sustainable building concepts.

“As a Grove resident, business owner, and graduate of Ransom Everglades, I live, work, and play in our distinguished village. We need to focus on environmental sustainability, attainable housing, and reasonable new developments. I am the best candidate to represent the needs of our community so we can maintain and improve our unique quality of life.”

On November 7, vote for Marcelo Fernandes, ballot #106 and you’ll be voting for a better, more sustainable “Grove” state of mind.