Why You Should Vote Yes on the Miami Forever Bond on November 7

Elections are coming up on November 7 and this is the time for Miami residents to make sure their voices are heard.

As the sea-level waters continue to rise, it will inevitably affect Miami residents. The Miami Forever Bond is a $400M general obligation bond that will work to protect our community from flooding while increasing housing affordability. It will support infrastructure projects such as using stormwater pumps to keep roads dry, raising roads to prevent flooding, and adding seawalls to protract our homes and properties. The result will be job creation within our community, a protection of property value, the attraction of new development that will boost the economy, and a preservation of tourism.

Here at Grove Properties, we hope you vote yes this November so we can protect the beautiful community we call home.

We need this bond to have a chance at improving our infrastructure and create more housing affordability. Without it, nothing will happen.

For more information, check out what our founder, Marcelo Fernandes, has to say about the Miami Forever Bond (transcript below the video):


“As a homeowner here in coconut grove that is being directly impacted by sea level rise and poor infrastructure, I think the General Obligation Bond is imperative. We need this to be done, these aren’t maintenance issues—these are capital improvement issues.

We need to invest a lot of money into structures that were designed and built 50 and 100 years ago that just aren’t working today and they’re going to get worse as sea-level rise continues to happen. Being on the waterfront here, we’re seeing the impacts every single day and it’s getting worse. The design is wrong and infrastructure is wrong so we need that capital improvement to make it right.

I have raised my sea walls and some other homeowners have as well but the properties behind us haven’t been developed in a long time and the sea walls there are at the original height of the sea. You can see this one and many others, and some are even public right-of-ways, that are much lower and high tides are already surging over the sea walls. It’s impacting the affect of all the flooding on the streets.

As a developer, it’s extremely important to get this bond going so that the city and the infrastructure can keep up with builders building the right way and for the future. We can build individual properties that are going to become efficient and sustainable, but the infrastructure below us isn’t there—it’s not going to do us any good. We have to work together to keep the real estate values high and people moving here and creating an inexpensive and sustainable future.

This November 7th, we have a chance to protect our city with the General Obligation Bond for Miami Forever. Please vote yes.”

For more information, visit the Miami Forever website.